Internet based advertisements

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The scene of internet based advertisements has changed over the years. As an example, AdWords used to be a super-cheap way of doing internet marketing. You could even get affordable advertising for broader keywords.

There are still many ways of doing marketing with internet based advertisements. And many of them are still effective, cheap solutions for well targeted marketing campaigns.

Firstly, I want to mention banner advertising. You can do banner ads with the Google content network, but that isn’t the only way of doing it. What you can do, is finding a website that is related to your niche, but doesn’t have any ads. Then you can offer the guy owning the website, to buy banner advertising space at the top of the website.

Many website owners actually would accept this form of internet based advertisements, because they might not earn anything on their website at all, or very little (if they lets say have an Amazon sidebar banner, which isn’t that targeted to the niche of the website).

You can also do internet based advertisements in another way, which not that many people think of. This option of advertising might not be the best to do in your niche. But who knows, you might as well try it. What you can do is to make a banner exchange. Lets say you have a website about “how to learn guitar”. You can then go to another website on the same topic, that you think have somewhat the same amount of visitors. And propose to have his banner on your website, as long as you can have yours on his.

That is a simple way of getting internet based advertisements, that are targeted and won’t cost you anything. But you can’t really do that for ever, because you only have a limited amount of advertising spaces on your website to exchange. So the best step now, would be to do paid advertising.

And there is luckily still a way of getting good internet based advertisements, that aren’t unnecessarily costly. I’m talking about CPV marketing. With this kind of advertising, you can get highly targeted traffic, but to a fraction of the cost of what you usually would have to pay.

The thing about CPV advertising, is that you can advertise on literally any website in the world, but still pay low premium price for this type of internet based advertisements. And they are full page ads, which means you can actually show your full sales copy, instead of just a few lines of simple text.

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