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One of the CPV networks: DirectCPV.com

This article is written to give you an insight of what DirectCPV.com really is, and if it is worth your time as an advertising solution.

DirectCPV online advertising has been designed as a form of online advertising that appears as interstitial ads (explained more in depth here) or a contextual popup. This kind of advertising platform is highly targeted, and is a cost effective way of contextual advertising.

With the DirectCPV advertising platform do you get the most accurate form of targeting, based on bidded keywords and targeted URLs. As a result of that, do DirectCPV only offer advertisements that are related to the user’s interest and activity at the time.

The DirectCPV platform is an easy and affordable way of advertising. With advertising rates as low as $0.004 per view.

Well, how does this whole thing work? When the advertiser has mad a decision for a target market, search terms (keywords) and competitor URLs are bid on. DirectCPV essentially works as an auction based bidding engine.

This ad network offers a variation of alternatives when it comes to ad cost. The minimum bid start at $0.01 CPV (cost per click) per targeted URL/ keyword, $0.01 CPV for category, and $0.004 for RON (run of network). For having a successful campaign the key is really to participate in multiple URL and keyword bids that are relevant to your market.

When the previous step has been completed, your website or advertisement will be displayed as a popup window or an interstitial ad over top of competitors found in the DirectCPV network. By increasing bids in a campaign, an advertiser can fundamentally increase their online advertising presence.

URL and keyword targeting are beneficial tools you can use for targeting your most wanted costumers. But how does these kinds of targeting options really work?

URL targeting:

Once the likely consumer enters the address of the desired URL, your advertisement will appear over the target website.

Keyword targeting:

Focuses on prospective consumers who search for keywords using a search engine. Similar to the. Similar to URL targeting, the advertisement will appear over the search result.

What puts DirectCPV ahead of the competition?

The online advertising industry has grown and expanded immensely, and with that growth comes a variety of options for advertisers and publishers. With an impressive world wide publisher network that can deliver laser targeted ads for only $0.01 CPV. The minimum deposit is only $100, which is lower than any other competitor’s, because DirectCPV thinks that advertisers will renew their campaigns.

In addition, all large volume advertisers are granted their own personal account manager, along with credit extensions that can be provided based on credit check approvals.

Another affordable choice for advertisers is the Run of Network advertising which starts at $0.004 per view.

All advertisers can start with an easy, low risk deposit of $100 with DirectCPV’s self serving bidding platform.

Affiliates can signup immediately and start to make money of the traffic, this is a real revenue gateway.

Go to DirectCPV.com and sign up for your account today. They also have an limited time offer, when you ad your first $100 funds you get $25 for free, click hereUse the promotion code: SPB25.

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