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Options for CPV networks

There are many CPV networks out there that can help you earn a living online.

One of the most well recognized of these networks is without doubt Traffic Vance. This is the network the big guys are using. If you at some point are deciding to go big in to CPV marketing, then this is definitely the right choice for you.

The drawback with this CPV network though, is that it’s really a too huge network for most people to handle. Compared to other CPV networks, Traffic Vance really give you a “bang for the buck”, when you consider the enormous amounts of traffic it is able to give you.

The reason I say that this is a drawback, is because that most people starting out doing online advertising through CPV networks, don’t need this much traffic to begin with, until they become seasoned professionals in this industry.

CPV or pay per view advertising isn’t like the CPC (cost per click) advertising you do with AdWords, which is more of a type of search engine advertising.

Another thing with Traffic Vance, is that you have to pay a $1000 deposit when you first start out using their service. You can however use all that cash for advertising (which is the good news). But really, most people just starting out in the internet marketing world with CPV networks, don’t always have 1000 dollars. And there is also a risk that it doesn’t work for you, and then you have spend all that money.

One more thing. When you first sign up with Traffic Vance you can’t get accepted to use their CPV network, before you get recommended by a Traffic Vance member. So if you already have a 1000 bucks, and want to start advertising with one of the CPV networks like Traffic Vance, you can’t, as long as you don’t have anyone to recommend you.

But, there is a solution to this problem. You see, some CPV networks will allow you to join there service for a far lower fee, and without you having to get recommended by an existing member. The only difference between these CPV networks, and the big ones like Traffic Vance, is theĀ  amount of traffic you will get.

With Traffic Vance, you can literally blow up a server if you don’t do things correctly. Because of all the traffic they are able to send you.

What you really need when starting with CPV networks advertising, is a solution that can give you traffic in just the right amount.

There are many CPV networks to choose from. If you are just starting out, find one that gives you good traffic, but where you don’t need to make a too big deposit.

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