Keyword advertising

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This is the main way and also the most common one, when it comes to targeting the right audience for your marketing campaigns online. All advertising networks uses keyword advertising as their main method of reaching their costumers. Of course they use other ways to keep their advertising effective. Such as URL targeted campaigns, or by theme.

One of the ways of doing keyword advertising, is with the good ol’ Google AdWords. The most commonly used online advertising platform in the world.

Doing keyword advertising doesn’t just apply to paid advertising, but also advertising with social media marketing. By making the right content for keywords you target market are using in searches, you can be able to reach them and sell stuff to those people.

The problem about keyword advertising with social media marketing, is that it isn’t a marketing method you should base your whole business on. Because the process with social media can be automated. Like publishing news on Twitter about your website (as I do with this blog, because there is really no need for spending ages of all your marketing efforts on doing that. It is more of a place people can keep up to date with you).

Keyword advertising on the internet, was before the least expensive way of advertising. AdWords used to be as cheap, as the ugly girl who chases you in high school. But not any more. If you remember the last financial crisis, you should know that real estate keywords were bid up to $50 a click, that’s unbelievable!

For just a few years back, you could buy keyword advertising in AdWords for pennies. And then I am thinking about quite general keywords, because the big companies didn’t really understand AdWords at that time. But now, you need to invest a lot more than you used to.

There are although still keyword advertising that are affordable, and that I can hardly see any “big” company buy out in the future. I’m thinking of CPV advertising.

The great thing about this platform, is that you don’t have Google, Yahoo or Bing as your only advertising options anymore. There are a handful of different CPV networks out there, that give you the same quality keyword advertising (or even better) as AdWords and the other search engine based ways of doing online marketing, like Yahoo and Bing.

AdWords has really become too restricted, as it is now. They don’t allow typos as an example, resulting in you missing quite a lot of potential traffic. But CPV networks do allow typos, which gives you tens of thousands more keywords than with any other paid online advertising.

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